Captain Justice Bailey discovered what we now call ” Baileys Harbor” during a violent storm over night in 1848 on Lake Michigan. Bailey reported the storm to be so brutal he risked charting an unknown harbor to seek shelter from the storm and a resting place for the night. After the storm had passed Bailey awoken and decided to explore his surroundings. He noticed large amounts of limestone and timber which inspired Bailey. He took a few samples back to his partner Alanson Sweet who resided in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Alanson reviewed the samples and was highly impressed by Baileys findings they sent a crew in 1849 to lumberjack, mine and build a pier in Baileys Harbor. The also began to construct a road on the opposite side of door county peninsula that is now known as County Road F.



Things to do in Baileys Harbor, Wisconsin

There is many things to do inside of modern day Baileys Harbor and nearby Baileys Harbor in Door County. Many nature and wildlife parks, light houses, top rated restaurants, fresh farm markets, campgrounds, brewing companies and bars, lake shore rentals (boats, jet skis, snorkeling and fishing charters. ) dog parks and Skyway drive-in theatre.

Baileys Harbor Vacation Homes, Cottages & Log Cabin Rentals

  • Heggland – 3 bedrms/2 baths – Baileys Harbor Vacation Home
  • North Bay Coastal Retreat – 3 bedrms/1.5 baths – Baileys Harbor Cottage
  • Rocky Bottom Lodge – 4 bedrms/4 baths – Baileys Harbor Cabin
  • Schook Shack – 3 bedrms/2 baths – Baileys Harbor Log Cabin
  • Wildwood Beach Home – 3 bedrms/2 baths – Baileys Harbor waterfront Cottage
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