Fish Creek Beach House

Fish Creek Beach House

Fish Creek Beach House

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Get excited about the change of seasons, the sound of the Bay, and beautiful sunsets at our year round property. We are walking distance into the town of Fish Creek. We are also dog friendly and have noticed a lot of businesses in town are as well.

There are 3 bedrooms on the first floor of our spacious home with 2 bedrooms located up our spiral staircase on the second floor. It has a fully stocked kitchen with dishes, glassware, utensils, pots, and pans. Enjoy your meals, game time, and catching up at either our indoor or outdoor dining areas. A gas grill is also provided outside. There is a fire pit near the water to enjoy on starry nights. Be our guest and enjoy your stay in Fish Creek.

** No Camper or Boat parking at any time. Contact the local township for information on public overnight parking **


Waterfront with Dock
Fully equipped kitchen
Drip Coffee Maker
Gas Grill
Stone patio with furniture
Central Air
Screen porch
Outdoor shower

Location:  Fish Creek
Bedrooms:  5, King Master, Queen, 2 Full, 2 Twin, Queen
Bathrooms:   2.5, 1 Shower/Tub Combo, 1 Shower Only
Max Occupancy:    12
No Smoking
Pets: Yes, up to two dogs any size
Satellite/Cable: Yes
Internet: Yes, Wireless
Air Conditioning: Yes
Fire Pit: Yes


Peak Season Rates, **June 14 – Aug 18**, Aug 29-Sept 1, Oct 10-13, 17-20
$8000/week    –   $1250/night (3 night min)
Shoulder Season Rates, May 17 – June 13, Aug 19- 30, Sept 2 – Oct 9, 14-16, 21-27, Nov 27-30, Dec 23 – Jan 1
$5000/week    –    $850/night weekends, $700/night weekdays (3 night min)
Off Season Rates, Jan 2 – May 16, Oct 28- Nov 26, Dec 1-22
$2800/week    –    $550/night weekends, $400/night weekdays (2 night min)

$100 pet fee
Additional cleaning fee per reservation
13.5% tax extra (5.5% sales, 8% room)

**All stays less than 1 week or overlapping designated turnover day during peak season are subject to approval.**

Floor Plan Description

Enter home from the front patio. Directly to the left is a bedroom with two full beds and full bath.. Straight ahead is the spiral staircase leading up to the bedroom with two twins. From the two twin bedroom continue to the right down a short hallway to a shared half bathroom and then a queen bedroom. The upstairs queen bedroom also has access to a small exterior landing and stairs to the yard and property. Back at the front door and taking a right brings you down a short hallway. To the left leads to the queen bedroom, bathroom and the master bedroom. Continuing straight brings you to the living room with the Sunroom to the left. Through the living room brings you to the kitchen with four season dining area to the left and laundry room to the rear.

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