Rental Agreement

Rental Agreement for Rent Door County  Thank you for making your reservation with Door County Property Management. Please read the following policies carefully and call if you have any questions or concerns: 920-854-4865.  This agreement is between the signer/renter and Door County Property Management, LLC at: 

(10920 N. Bay Shore Dr.)
PO Box 439
Sister Bay, WI  54234

Terms, Conditions and Procedures Agreement For Rent Door County

Reservation/Payments: To confirm your reservation, we require half of the total amount due within 5 business days of your initial reservation. The second half of your payment will be due 14 days prior to your arrival. Payments can be made by any of the following; personal check, money order, certified or cashier’s check (credit cards are not accepted for payments), payable to Door County Property Management.  Upon receipt of the second payment we will email you the directions and lock box code to the property.

Cancellation Policy: A full refund of your deposit will occur only if we can re-rent the unit for the same dates reserved. 

Early Departure: The guest is responsible for payment of all nights reserved.

Security Deposit: Please place a Visa or Mastercard number with the expiration date and three digit code on the rental agreement. We will verify your card, but will not charge anything unless the rental unit has been damaged or has not been left in expected condition, as outlined in the rental agreement.

Rentals: All rentals are shown as is on the website and there are no refunds.  Please ask any questions about the property ahead of your stay.  All amenities are listed on each rental’s webpage.

Emergencies & Office Hours: Door County Property Management can be reached between 9 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. Monday – Friday, May through October and 9 a.m. – 4 p.m. Monday – Thursday, November through April. In case of an emergency outside of office hours, we can be reached at our business number 920-854-4865 and an on-call emergency cell phone number will be provided on the message.

Consumables/Firewood: We provide a starter supply of certain consumable items: one roll of toilet paper per bathroom, one roll of paper towels, and one bar of hand soap per bathroom.   This is merely a starter supply for your arrival.  All dish soap, laundry soap, additional toilet paper, soap, shampoo, additional garbage bags, firewood etc. is the renters’ responsibility.

Early Check In/Late Check Out:  Changes to Check in/Check out times are not permitted during the peak rental season.  If you desire an early arrival any other time of the year please contact Door County Property Management no sooner than five days prior to your rental.

Smoking: All rental properties prohibit smoking.  If it is determined that there was smoking in the property the renter will be liable for all associated professional cleaning costs.

Pets: All rental properties prohibit pets, unless otherwise stated.  If a pet is found at a non-pet friendly rental you will be *evicted* immediately with no refund.  This includes any pets on the property from visitors that you may have.  If a pet is found at a pet friendly rental in which the $100 pet fee was not paid you will be charged $200 for each pet.   If you are staying at a pet friendly property with a pet there are a few rules/regulations:

  • No pets can be left outside without supervision and must be on a leash at all times.
  • All pet droppings must be removed prior to departure.
  • During your stay, please kennel any pets you are leaving behind when away from the property.
  • Excessive barking is not permitted as it disrupts neighbors and others. Persistent barking may result in eviction or the requirement of boarding the dog(s).
  • No pets on furniture.
  • Pets are required to stay within the property of the rental.

Lock outs: If you get locked out of your rental during your stay, contact us by phone and we will arrange for you to pick up a key at our office in Sister Bay.

Grills: When grilling out, renter is responsible for clean-up of grill & grill utensils. For gas grills: if propane tank is empty, renter should refill it, notify DCPM office during hours, and leave receipt at the property for DCPM to reimburse. For charcoal grills: renter is responsible for providing charcoal.

Maximum Occupancy: You must abide by the stated capacity of the house/cottage/condo at all times. Tents, campers, or motor homes are not permitted on the premises unless indicated otherwise on property’s website.  Any violations may result in eviction without reimbursement.

Keys:  There will be a $25 charge for any lost keys.  All units will have two keys provided and it is expected that both keys are left upon departure.  One key will be in the lock box and one on the counter or in the welcome binder.  In the event there is only one key at the property please contact the office during office hours.

Repairs: All repairs and maintenance problems that may occur will be corrected as soon as possible. There are no reimbursements for minor problems or repairs that are fixed in a timely fashion.

Telephone: Most properties do not have phones unless advertised on the property’s web page.  Properties that do have phones should have phone blocks which require guests to use credit cards for long distance calls. Long distance calls that you make that appear on an owner’s bill will be charged against your security deposit/credit card.

Cable/Satellite, Internet, Air Conditioning, and any other amenities are not provided unless stated on the individual property web page. (If internet is provided at your property, please note that it is not intended for streaming (such as Hulu or Instant Netflix) or downloading of large files. There are usage limits in place on owner’s internet accounts. Any overuse or abuse of the internet will incur cost of overages and/or reinstatement fees.)

Well Water: Most of the units do have well water systems. Some people do not find well water to be the most desirable. If this is the case, renters are responsible for their own drinking water. All the water is tested and is safe to drink.

Towels: We provide bath towels (a minimum of one set of towels per guest is provided; if more are desired, it is the guests’ responsibility to provide). Beach towels are not provided. Guests may not take bath towels out of the rental unit. When departing, guests are expected to launder dirty towels in units with washers and dryersGuests must provide their own laundry detergent. The last load of towels may be left in the dryer upon guests’ departure. Lost or damaged towels will be deducted from the security deposit.  Inventory of the towels will be taken upon your departure. Failure to wash towels in units with washers and dryers will incur a $50 charge to the renters’ security deposit/credit card.

Linens: We provide linens. Linens can be kept on the beds, as we will strip them for the next guests and send out to a professional linen service. Lost or damaged linens will be deducted from the security deposit.

Cleaning/Maintenance Fees: When minimum nightly rates are met, the rental rates include cleaning before and after the renters’ stay.

Disturbance: Please respect the rights of your neighbors and respect the rules and standards of the development where the unit is located.  Please keep outdoor noise minimal after 10 pm for respect to the neighbors and to abide by municipality rules.  Multiple late night complaints from others will result in eviction. Non-adherence to this may result in eviction.

Damage: You are responsible for missing or damaged items. If this situation shall arise, a charge will be made to your credit card. To avoid charges for prior damages, report any problems to management the day you check in.

Lost & Found Policy: DCPM is not responsible for any items left behind at properties. If you believe you have left something behind at your rental unit, you may contact the office, which will coordinate with housekeeping to attempt to locate the item. If located, DCPM can return the item to you at your cost.

Check In/Check Out:

  • The check-in/check-out time differs by property, but is either 4:00 PM check-in and 10:00 AM departure OR 6:00 PM check-in and 12:00 noon departure. Keys will be received at the location of your rental property in a lock box. The code for the lock box will be mailed, e-mailed or given to you via phone the prior week to your arrival. These keys should be placed back in the lock box at the time of departure. We regret that we must impose a $100 per hour late departure fee for every hour after prescribed check out time.
  • All garbage is to be placed in receptacles located outside of each unit.  In the event that upon departure the garbage receptacles are full, leave remaining garbage sealed in trash containers inside the rental unit.  Do NOT leave garbage bags outside under ANY circumstance due to the likelihood of animals getting at it.  If any garbage is left outside and is required to be cleaned up, there will be a $50 charge to your credit card.
  • All dishes must be cleaned and stored in their proper place.  Failure to clean dishes will result in a $50 charge to your credit card.
  • If your unit allows pets, all droppings must be removed.  Failure to do this will result in a $50 charge to your credit card.
  • Outside of general cleaning the property should be left as it is found.  ie: furniture in proper place, no stains, garbage in receptacles, etc.
  • Upon Departure, please turn off lights, TVs, and appliances (except the dryer for towels). Return heat/AC to setting found upon arrival.
  • Please lock all doors and leave one key securely locked in lock box and one key in the binder.During Your Stay:
    • NO feminine products are to be flushed in the toilets at any time!  Disposable bags are provided in each unit.  Many homes in Door County have a septic system that cannot process anything other than toilet paper; please assume anything other than toilet paper is foreign to the system.  Failure to comply could incur the actual cost of plumber and repair.
    • NO outdoor fires are permitted unless there is a designated fire pit.  Failure to comply will result in all renters’ immediate departure, without refund.  Renter is responsible for any fines from Local/State Authorities.  (please check properties webpage to see if there is a fire pit or not for outdoor fires)
    • NO firearms or fireworks are permitted at any time.  Failure to comply will result in all renters’ immediate departure, without refund.  Renter is responsible for any fines from Local/State Authorities.

    Accidents: Guest expressly agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Door County Property Management and property owners from any accidents, injuries, losses and/or damages to guests while on the property; including in the water, docks, shoreline, fire pits, or any other part or adjacent part of the property.  This also includes any use of owners boats, kayaks, canoes, rafts, bicycles, etc., that are provided for the tenants use.

—I understand that my rental agreement expires at check out on the last day of my stay. I will check out, remove all my possessions and vacate the premises unless specific arrangements have been made with management. Door County Property Management and/or the owners of the units are not responsible for any items left behind. I understand that if I leave early for any reason I am NOT entitled to a refund.—I have read, and I agree to abide by these rules. I understand that violating these rules may result in eviction with no refund. I understand the cost of extraordinary cleaning, garbage removal, phone charges, missing items, and damages may be deducted from my security deposit or charged to my credit card. I hereby authorize Door County Property management to keep my security deposit and/or charge my credit card for these violations.***Please sign here to verify that you have read and understand the rental agreement:

Signature _______________________________________________ Date _________________


Please provide a valid credit card for security deposit that will not expire before the end of your reservation dates.  Failure to do so may result in termination of your reservation

MC/VISA # ________ – ________ – ________ – ________   Expiration Date ______ / ________


Three digit verification code on back of credit card _________

Drivers license number ___________________________________ License plate _______________________

Unit Rental Dates: Check in on ________________________ Check out on _______________________

Rental Property Name _______________________________________________________________

Number of Occupants

Adults: _______ Children: _______

Pets (if applicable; please be specific): _________________________________________

Name    __________________________________________________________________________

Address ________________________________________________________________________

(Number and street or PO Box)


(City, State ZIP)

Telephone Number (________) ________ – ___________ CIRCLE ONE:     Home   Cell   Work

Best contact number while on your Door County vacation (________) ________ – ___________

Email Address _____________________________________________________________________________